Not-for-profits are serving an increasingly important purpose in our society, and effective communication is their key to success. And as the gap widens between the ability of governments and the private sector to address issues like welfare, education, and the arts, the need for Not-for-profits is growing in every area of society.

We know that you’ve got a lot on your plate. From shifting tax codes, to changing regulations, to the increased competition for donors and volunteers—we know running a Not-for-profit is no easy task.

But we think the challenge is half the fun and makes success that much more rewarding—and we’re up for it!

Our innovative and targeted Direct Mail systems will ensure you’re speaking to the right people, in the right places and at the right time. These systems are supported by Rothfield Connect, making managing, tracking and reporting a breeze.

We also understand the importance of promotional products and expert kitting in creating impact for your organisation—while also keeping in mind the budget constraints that go hand-in-hand with your business. Lucky for you, we have the key capabilities and state-of-the-art facilities to bring your ambitions to life efficiently and cost effectively.

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Case Study


Delivering real peace of mind through resolving complexity.

More than 75% of mental health issues develop before a person turns 25. Established in 2006, Headspace exists to address this critical gap, by providing tailored and holistic mental health support to young Australians. To help with this essential mission, we needed to support their complex brand and logistics requirements.

Challenge accepted

Cost effective and impactful marketing materials are critical to the success of any not-for-profit, and Headspace needed support in producing and managing a large suite of materials from fact sheets to window decals. 

And with over 100 centres across the country, the creation of a centralised solution that allowed team members to manage the ordering and delivery of marketing materials quickly and efficiently was a top priority. Additionally, Headspace was in need of a flexible and robust system to report expenditure and stock on hand.

This was a not-for-profit in need of expert support.

  • Company Name Headspace

  • Industry Not-for-profit

  • Size 100+ Centres

  • Relevant services Print
    Rothfield Connect
    Inventory Management

Solution, delivered

Managing an organisation with such a large network of centres is a complex task—luckily, we love a challenge. It was evident from the start that this incredibly diverse organisation needed a wholly tailored support solution. We wanted to transform complexity into simplicity.

To facilitate this simplicity, a dedicated Account Manager worked with Headspace’s marketing team to consolidate their print spend and inventory. We then set up a branded portal which assigned each centre across the country a custom catalogue to manage their stock ordering. We empowered the network of teams by providing access to a range of dynamic templates that beautifully automated asset production—allowing them to create materials that are always on-brand, with a simple click of a button.

On the logistics side, our Melbourne warehouse facility was perfectly positioned to distribute stock to Headspace centres nationally, while also having the expert capabilities to support reactive jobs such as the Headspace Kit.

Rothfield Connect also played a crucial role through providing detailed stock and consumption reporting—all easily accessible from within the organisation.

The results

Thanks to a customised platform that streamlined the ordering process for their wide network of centres nationwide, Headspace’s process of ordering and distributing marketing collateral and resources was transformed.

This centralised and seamless method of production and delivery ensured both total brand consistency and the ability to closely monitor consumption and inventory trends at a granular level to keep expenditure in check and track orders in real time.

Our close working relationship with the Headspace team developed a mutual level of trust and transparency. They trusted that our instinctive and flexible approach would be applied to every brief, every challenge and every curveball.

Ultimately, we gave Headspace the space to focus on what’s really important—supporting the mental health of our nation’s youth.

"Rothfield provide consistently great service helping get important mental health information and resources out to our centres across the country. The emphasis they place on getting the simple things right shouldn’t be understated—something that's incredibly important when dealing with complicated national campaigns with shifting deliverables."
Richard Hunt
Strategic Communications and Marketing

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