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We know that when it comes to the communication needs of the financial services industry, nothing is more important than safety, accuracy and compliance. Rest soundly in the knowledge that we’ve got the experience—and the credentials—for all your finance business’ strategic communications.

Our experience with some of Australia’s most recognised super and financial institutions means we deeply understand the particular needs of the financial industry.

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Navigating and nailing regulatory changes.

Built by workers, for workers; CBUS is the leading Industry Super Fund for the building, construction and allied industries. Formed in 1984, they’ve grown to be one of the largest industry funds in Australia, providing superannuation and income stream accounts to more than 759,000 members. And in a frequently changing legislative landscape, we were there to help them get their communications right every time.

Challenge accepted

The last couple of years have seen a period of unprecedented legislative change within the superannuation industry. Significant pieces of legislation have posed challenges in the form of unprecedented levels of mandatory marketing and communications activity.

Bringing legislative-driven marketing and communications to market is a complex challenge, with requirements being subject to frequent re-interpretation and change. Add into the mix aggressive deadlines that have enterprise-wide regulatory consequences if missed, the ability to plan and replan and still deliver on time is critical. These challenges aren’t for the faint of heart, but we were more than prepared to take it on.

  • Company Name CBUS

  • Industry Superannuation

  • Size 759,000+ members

  • Relevant services Print
    Direct Communications
    Rothfield Connect

Solution, delivered

We worked closely with CBUS through the process, assigning a personalised account management team to ensure that every piece of communication aligned with regulatory requirements and hit critical deadlines.

Additionally, our access to the best print supply network ensured that CBUS always received the sharpest price possible—especially critical as a business with strict spend targets.

And to keep everything well-managed and in one place, our fully integrated digital print centre and direct mail facility allowed us to efficiently and effectively deliver CBUS’s transactional mail and campaign work in-house.

The results

Our in-depth knowledge of the industry and specialised capabilities have helped CBUS avoid the high compliance cost of legislative change programs—both from a delivery perspective, and the potential costs associated with the loss of reputation amongst customers and the multiple regulators that oversee the superannuation industry.

And our rich experience in print and direct mail meant our team were able to work with uniquely complex briefs and aggressive delivery timeframes to deliver solutions that get the job done on time—while also ensuring that cost efficiencies were maximised. That’s a win-win in any language!

"Bringing legislative-driven marketing and communications to market is a complex challenge. The ability to plan and deliver on time is critical, and it's not a challenge that most are up for. Rothfield are a much-welcomed exception to this rule." Shaun Westwood Communications Manager

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