Running a business, in any capacity, takes hard work and perseverance. But for a franchise, there’s a whole different set of unique brand and business challenges for both franchisors and franchisees.

We work closely with franchise businesses to empower them to deliver the best results and to grow their networks profitably and sustainably.

The key to this sustainable growth and holistic management is to place the power of control back in the hands of your franchisees, giving them the confidence and ease to create materials internally without the need for expensive, external agency support.

The importance of maintaining brand integrity and consistency is critical to the success of franchises, and our customisable, dynamic templates ensure that every piece of communication is on-brand and on-target while also saving time and money. This collateral can also be produced quickly—almost with the touch of a button—so that your franchisees can get back to doing what they’re great at.

This is a system built for bringing teams together around a central goal — whether it’s the creation of targeted content, innovative managed purchasing, or building the business through local area marketing—every franchisee will be able to create and manage the materials that will suit them best. It’s just good business.

case study

Magic Hand Car Wash

With humble beginnings as a family business in 1994, Magic Carwash has evolved into a national franchised network of over 50 locations across Australia. But with brand growth comes brand challenges, and we needed to help this evolving business stay on the right path.

Challenge accepted

During a time of huge business and franchise growth, the job of protecting the Magic brand was becoming increasingly difficult. The formerly strong brand presence was in risk of being diluted due to poor brand consistency and a lack of a centralised platform for managing their ordering process.

Admin was also becoming a major headache, with a significant amount of time being wasted processing orders and reconciling purchase orders. And with a large number of suppliers, invoice accuracy was also becoming an increasing problem.

  • Company Name Magic Car Wash

  • Industry Franchise

  • Size 50 locations

  • Relevant services Print
    Supply Chain Financing
    Inventory Management
    Rothfield Connect

  • Outlets using
    Rothfield Connect

  • Number of
    catalogue items

  • Avg. day turn
    around for print


Solution, delivered

The challenge was clear, Magic required an all-encompassing system to manage their product catalogue, third party supply chain and marketing collateral to streamline laborious processes and ultimately protect, and grow, the brand.

An online catalogue was created so franchisees would have access to all approved items available for purchase. The system provided head office with real time stock levels and inventory control—from marketing materials to staff uniforms. Graphic design and prepress services were also implemented to maintain consistency.

An automated process for purchase orders was set up for third party inventory with supplier payments handled on behalf of head office and detailed monthly sales and rebate reports generated for increased performance insight.

The results

Magic saw an immediate improvement in efficiency and streamlining of processes. They were able to reduce the workload of their finance team significantly, by eliminating the processing of third-party purchase orders and revenue uplift was observed by centralising all operating supplies on Rothfield Connect.

Brand consistency was restored through the implementation of web to print functionality, graphic design and pre-press services and the creation of dynamic templates. Additionally, web to print functionality increased efficiency by allowing the network quick access to collateral from the centralised portal.

"Rothfield are problem solvers. Their culture of collaboration and desire to deliver positive outcomes ensures any challenge we present is solved—quickly and thoughtfully. The team are custodians of our brand and provide holistic support across multiple touch points." Claude Roda
Managing Director

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