Rothfield Connect

Your Super-intuitive and user-friendly platform to manage every brand need Delivered

We know how important it is to be on brand, on time and on top of your business. Introducing Rothfield Connect… our online, cloud-based platform that puts you in total control of every aspect of your inventory and communications.

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Connect the features

Digital Asset Management

Every brand asset… one handy location. Store and access your digital assets and brand guidelines from our centralised hub, ensuring brand consistency and reducing the workload of your marketing team.

Inventory made easy

Get total inventory visibility direct from our warehouse and distribution centres to monitor stock on hand in real time, generate reports and track deliveries.

Built for Ecommerce

The future of ecommerce is exciting, and we’re here to help grow your business through providing scalable solutions to fulfill your ecommerce needs. Our flexible system seamlessly integrates with major ecommerce platforms providing you complete visibility, accurate tracking and powerful reporting.

Trouble-free templates

Stretched for time and your marketing team is flat out? No problem… now any member of your team can wear the designer hat with dynamic, customised and consistent templates that make producing marketing collateral look almost too easy.

Web to Print

Put down the phone and wipe the sweat from your brow, now you can print seamlessly online and rest assured that your orders will be delivered on time and to the highest possible standard.

Streamlined Approvals

Forget slow, frustrating and confusing approval processes. This standardised approval workflow helps you create user groups and user defined approval workflows to help you get to market quicker while avoiding costly mistakes.

Digital Artwork

The power to create and design vibrant and effective communications is in your hands. From web banners, to social media creative, to e-newsletters—all of which can be exported to a range of digital outputs.

Powerful Reporting

Information is power—and no great online platform would be complete without a reporting system that helps gather powerful insights that inform future objectives. Here you’ll get access to your consumption reports, delivery data and so much more.

Connect the benefits

Gain visibility

You’ll know exactly where you stand by maintaining complete visibility with transparent pricing, customised reporting and goods tracking.

Real time, really handy

Take back control with a real time—and really detailed—view into your inventory, including stock on hand, order tracking, approvals and triggered alerts.

Reduce Costs

The ultimate inhouse solution. Save time and costs by eliminating outsourced designer time by making use of custom designed—and user-friendly—templated designs.

Be consistent

Say goodbye to bad design and help your business stay on-brand and on-track with dependable, beautiful collateral without any of the headache.

Speed to Market

Cut to the chase by automating the production of personalised collateral that will help you get to market quickly without the need for external resources.


No longer a ‘nice to have’, personalisation is now a ‘must’ for consumer communications. Here you can use your customer existing data to produce automatically personalised digital content to your channels.

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