Feature story

Helping Total Tools grow a Mo for Movember

by Nathan Rothfield

Men’s health is an issue we can all get behind. For too long, men have suffered in silence about their health issues and this has become a global crisis:
— The world loses a man to suicide every minute of every day.
— Men die on average 5 years earlier than women.
— Testicular cancer is the leading cancer among young men.

How growing a Mo helps

A couple of blokes in Melbourne convinced 30 guys to grow a Mo in November 2003, the year Movember was born. Add in sponsors to pay you to grow a Mo, and the fundraising idea took off.
Since 2006, Movember has grown globally (to 6m Mo Bros and Mo Sisters) as a men’s health charity and has funded the development of:
— 54 inventions
— 70 therapies
— 107 diagnostic tests for prostate cancer
— 1250+ men’s health projects across 23 countries.
Their 2030 goal is to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25%.

Raising money and raising awareness

Money doesn’t raise itself. Movember works because people and businesses get behind it. That’s where Total Tools comes in.
We spoke with Elisse Jones, Group Loyalty Manager, to discuss Total Tools involvement in Movember across their national retail network.

How long have you supported Movember? 

Total Tools has been supporting Movember for several years. In 2020, we stepped it up and became an Official Partner of Movember on the hairy journey to help change the face of men’s health and support our tradie community.

Why does the Movember cause resonate with Total Tools?

With so many Mo Bros on job sites throughout the country, this cause is close to our heart. We know the importance of health and safety on the job, and that it’s important to down tools for a moment to focus on the other health issues Aussie blokes are facing.
With our core consumer predominately blokes, we have a significant platform to help create awareness and start a conversation that could help change lives.

Bring on the merch

This year we partnered with Total Tools to develop a range of merchandise for their Movember Campaign. The merch supported Total Tools’ goal of raising money and awareness of men’s health issues.
The merch included T-shirts, stubby holders, umbrellas and caps.
The campaign has proven to be a hit with their tradie customers, and the merchandise has been flying off the shelves.

What has the feedback been like from customers?

Really positive, it’s been great to see our customers sharing their Movember merchandise through social channels and very generously showing their support and donating in-store to help raise funds for Movember.

What’s the most popular product?

Definitely the T-shirts! It’s great to see our customers get behind this important cause and rock it on the job site!

How can we help your cause?

We can help any promotional campaign with production, fulfilment, distribution, inventory management – the whole package.
Whether you’re getting behind a worthy cause like Movember or just doing business, we’re here to help.